Plant Wish List

In no particular order...

Sweet Olive (shrub/small tree)
We sniffed one at Plantasia 2015 and considered buying it, but in the end decided not to.  Now I wish we had!  The scent was very pleasant-- citric. 

Bee Balm
We had some, at one point, but I think it petered out.  I'd like to grow it again, sometime.

I'm not sure what variety I want, but something non-invasive.  I love the smell of honeysuckle, but the one that grows wild around here is too much of a pest to invite into the garden.

The "plain" ones are nice, too, but what I'd love to grow would be the fancy new varieties with the beautiful pink fluffy flowers-- or the ones with eye-poppingly bright magenta, red, or orange blooms.  "Cheyenne Spirit"... "Pow Wow Wild Spirit"... "Double Scoop Cranberry"... "Secret Passion"... "Supreme Elegance"... That type.