To Do: Autumn

--  Rake leaves and pile on raised beds for the winter.  Maybe put some in certain flower beds, too-- particularly the ones with less-than-ideal soil.

--  Rake pine straw for mulch.  (And then go ahead and put it into place.)

-- Mulch certain plants heavily.  (Night-blooming jasmine for instance?)

--  Move delicate plants into warmer winter storage.  (Aloe, spider plant, lobelia, lavender, etc.) 

--  Clear a path through the woods.  (For gathering pine straw... For more easily reaching the bricks...)

--  Check to see if there's a forgotten camellia on the edge of the woods... If so, transplant it.

--  When's the best time for dividing daylilies, iris, and monkeygrass?  If autumn, do some of that, too.  ;o)

--  Check out recommended times for pruning various plants.  Autumn or winter may be good for some of them.
               ~~Prune once-blooming roses in late summer/early autumn.
               ~~Prune re-blooming roses in early spring.
               ~~For the roses that are spindly and not very well leafed-out, should I cut to the ground?
               ~~Climbers: Preserve the framework as much as possible.  Cut the off-shoots to 3"or so.

--  Consider working on any repairs (as needed) to shed and patio area.  (You'll thank me later, when it's 95 degrees and wasps have taken over the shed.)

--  Do we need more carpenter bee traps?  Maybe make another for the shed.

-- If we haven't done it by then, build an arbor for the main gate.

--  Also if we haven't done it by then, re-do part of the fence.  Replace gate.  

-- Maybe work on the dividing fence on the south side of the house.

-- Um... What are we going to do about weeds along that fence?  Just Round-Up?  (Probably the easiest.)

(Awaiting further additions.)