Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Couple of Time-Wasters :o)

Apparently, this has been around for a few years (at least), but Donald and I happened upon it just a couple of days ago.

It's pretty weird, and I don't see why they couldn't have given the poor woman something more than skimpy underwear, but it's somewhat amusing (for the first minute or so, at least), if only because it's so strange. (g)

Here's the Bubble Woman. Just click and drag her a bit to get her started, then watch as she "falls", bouncing and sliding over bubbles as she goes. You can grab her with your mouse at any time to reposition her on the screen.

Note: It helps if you think of her as a rag doll instead of a real person. ;o)

If scantily clad Bubble Women aren't your thing ;o) have a look at the singing horses. :o)

There-- consider your time well-wasted.