Sunday, January 13, 2008

Situation Sunday -- a meme

This is a meme I haven't participated in before: Situation Sunday.

Situation #1: You have purchased property, 2 acres. You have a house and have been living very comfortable for the last 4 years. There is a knock on your is the local Historian. They tell you that your house and property is in a historic site. The was the Civil war and numerous bodies are scattered just 3 feet below the earth all around your yard. With your permission they would like to start digging them up and putting them all together in one section. WHAT DO YOU DO?

I might not be very happy about it, but in the end, I'd have to let them move the bodies to one part of the property-- preferably somewhere out back so that the graveyard wouldn't be the first thing people saw when they came to my house. ;o)

My major stipulations would be that they work quickly and that they put the yard back in as good condition as they found it-- no sinkholes. They'd also have to put down sod or something where they tore up the grass. After that. . . I'd just hope that there wouldn't be too many people wanting to come "sight-seeing" at the cemetery.

I probably wouldn't want to stand around and see the bodies being exhumed, but other than that. . . (shrug) What are you going to do? Besides, once I knew they were there, I'd rather have them all in one place instead of scattered all through the yard. It's somewhat less creepy that way. (g)

Situation # 2: You are driving all alone on a country road. You are on your way home. Your home is located way out in the sticks, about 5 miles to civilization. As you are driving you notice a car in the rear view mirror.....after 2 miles the car is still following you but they now have turned off their head lights.....WHAT DO YOU DO?

Scary! I'd try to find my cell phone and call 911. Other than that. . . I guess I'd just try to stay on the road for as long as possible. As long as we're each in our separate cars, I'm safe(r). If they tried to ram me. . . I'm not sure. Speed up and try to outrun them? If possible, maybe go off the road and try to circle back going the opposite direction (i.e. toward civilization and more people).

. . .What about you? ;o)