Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trollstigen on YouTube

Trollstigen ("Troll's Ladder"), you may remember, is that really bendy road in Norway. Something made me think of it today, so here are some related videos I found on YouTube:

Overview of the road, from above:

Blue tour buses (?) creeping around the hairpin curves:
(Glad I wasn't on one of those! Or worse yet-- one of the drivers!)

A couple of "race cars" driving down the mountain:
(Not as impressive as I remember it, because the camera never really shows how steep the drop-off is. And yes, this is both lanes; traffic going both directions has to share this road.)

This is what it looks like if/when you meet a car coming in the opposite direction:

And finally, a "transfer truck"-type vehicle trying to negotiate one of the curves:
(I wonder how he ever made it! What a nightmare!)