Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Recent bits and pieces

The yearly tax stuff is over and done with, for the time being-- not counting one or two more things we have to do that are due today. I could go on about the frustration, annoyance, etc., but I guess that's all understood.

ETA: "one or two more things we have to do that aren't due today". Aren't! Aren't!! (Or "weren't", since it's now Wednesday. . .)

-- -- -- -- --

Our guest left early Sunday to start the leisurely drive back to southern Florida. He should be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean right about now, I think. (Glad it isn't me! It's not a very pleasant thing, a long flight like that.) He wasn't looking forward to returning to the cold, snowy weather they're having in Sweden. Meanwhile, I'm not looking forward to a long, hot summer and all the lawn-mowing the season has in store for me. . .

-- -- -- -- --

Despite my moaning and groaning about hot weather and grass, we've actually just been having a short cold snap. Highs in the 60s (and only just, yesterday)-- ice on the roof this morning. Brr! Back into the 70s tomorrow, though, I think.

-- -- -- -- --

I noticed the cold water on the washing machine was just barely trickling out, last week. (The flow had probably been gradually decreasing for weeks-- if not months-- but I never really noticed it until then.) I did a little research online, then we located and cleaned a little thimble-shaped screen that filters the in-coming water. The difference after clearing that filter was amazing. No more pitiful trickling that takes forever to fill the machine. Thank goodness it was a problem that we could fix for free!

-- -- -- -- --

Last night, I dreamed that Bill and Hillary (you know the ones I mean) were visiting my extended family for some sort of dinner party. In my dream, one of my aunts owned a very marshy, alligator-infested property, and that's where the party was being held. (I suspect this dream was inspired by H's recent talk about how she learned to shoot in rural PA, when she was a girl. Not that there are gators in rural PA, but you know what I mean.)

The thought of the two of them at a family party amuses me. They wouldn't get a very warm reception! In fact, later on in my dream, someone had a plan to prank Bill. The prank makes no sense, now that I'm awake, but the idea was that we'd get him to look into a hole drilled through a melon (???). He'd know that he was "supposed" to see something in particular, but meanwhile, the rest of us knew that he couldn't see it (because of the way it was drilled, you see; it was a trick melon, obviously (g)). So when he went on and on about what he saw-- the thing we knew he couldn't actually see-- we'd share a snicker at his expense. (What? I told you it didn't make sense!)

Don't you wish I shared my great dreams with you more often? ;o)