Friday, May 23, 2008

Let's get analytical. (Again.)

More fun (for me, at least) with Google Analytics!

(If you have a blog or other website and would like to get all sorts of neat statistics about it for free, I recommend Analytics. It's pretty easy to set up, and did I mention that it's free? (g) Hurray for free stuff!)

Let's see. . . The last time I did this was in February. So I guess I'll just look from that point forward.

That is, the words or phrases people were searching for when they found this blog.
Sorry, if everyone already knew that. (g)

  • odds and ends polymer clay -- 41 visits
  • denim rag quilt -- 20
  • rag quits -- 10
  • denim quilt -- 5
  • how to make rag quilts -- 5
I won't list them all, but there are many (soo many!) rag quilt-related keywords throughout this list. Just about every possible search term relating to rag quilts (and every misspelling of "denim") is represented, I think. (g) It's clearly the single subject that draws most of the new visitors to this blog. And I haven't even finished my first rag quilt, yet! (Just a couple of rag quilted bags.)

Back to the list. . .
  • flickr polymer clay photostream -- 3 visits
  • "congenital cataracts" glasses -- 1 (from here on out, all led to just one visit, unless otherwise noted. . . and in those cases, there was always a slight variation in spelling or wording)
  • a couple of songs-- "everywhere" moustache / "follow you follow me" gilmore girls
  • "i could have killed all of them" fritzl
  • "jane eyre"
  • "la valse des vieux os" translation -- (from Amélie. And then there's another one about that movie, further down. . .) I don't have that translation.
  • "making flocking" models -- I have no idea now to make flocking. Sorry.
  • "odds and ends" cartoon -- Never heard of it.
  • "odds and ends" quilt
  • "sarah michaels" extra thick body cream / sarah michaels body cream milk and honey / sarah michaels first light lotion -- Yeah, I heard they discontinued that line of products.
  • "self help books" -- Uh oh. . . I hope I didn't "dis" that genre too harshly. . . ;o)
  • "vintage children's books" blog -- (x2) Sounds interesting, but this isn't one of those.
  • "wailin' jennys" -- (x2) (It's a musical group.)
  • michaels clay sale -- (x6) Actually, they have one going on right now! (g)
  • 1920s etiquette
  • adrigole -- huh? I have no idea where I might have written this, because I don't know what it is. (g) . . .Ok, it's a village in Ireland. This is one of those random things from the Wikipedia meme.
  • Ainsbruck -- Yes, I was writing about the Ainsbruck Singers, a Swedish group. There are very few Google hits for this word!
  • another word for all-knowing -- Try "omniscient". :o)
  • are eye exams scary -- Aw, don't worry! They're really not that bad. :o)
  • ashokan farewell mp3 jay ungar
  • bedroom odds and ends
  • blue gray skin / blue-gray man / blue-gray skin man / grey skin man / youtube gray skin man-- He generated a lot of interest!
  • cake slice box template / felt cake slice pattern / felt cake slices
  • cheese quizzes -- Again?! (This popped up last time, too.)
  • child's pattern for making a terry cloth poncho out of a towel
  • cindi schramer -- Who's that? Oh, she's one of the people who designed one of the rag quilting projects I linked to. I wonder if she was googling herself, or if this was a loyal fan? ;o)
  • clothes made with vintage bits -- Sounds like fun!
  • Three different keywords regarding the Curly Sue soundtrack
  • cute pictures of vintage children's books
  • dean priest emily of new moon / dean priest l.m. montgomery -- He really is better than Teddy, isn't he?
  • decorations polymer clay youtube
  • device to pour milk from milk jug -- If you find one, let me know.
  • dog shaped rag quilt -- I can't really imagine that. . .
  • fashion forcast childran illustartion (sic) -- I didn't know there was such a thing!
  • flickr catherine's quilt
  • flickr vintage fashion pictures / vintage fashion illustration
  • genesis follow you follow me
  • grandfathers barn poem -- Doesn't ring any bells. . .
  • hands vibrate after mowing lawn -- This one came up twice. (g)
  • hooked rug whip stitching
  • how much clearance is needed for a porch swing -- I wish I could have found a good formula. Seems like you just have to figure it out for yourself!
  • i'd rather be quilting
  • instructions for large bride figure out of household items -- . . . Do you have any idea what they were looking for? I can't quite figure it out. Unless they wanted to make a homemade dressmaker's form. . .
  • it's-a-beautiful-world-we-live-in music
  • krispy kreme bear claws -- Please stop! You're making me hungry!!
  • lawn cutting gloves -- They make some especially for lawn mowing?
  • lawn to a wooded area photos -- You mean like a gradual transformation or "before and after"? Sounds interesting to me, too, but you won't find that here.
  • little plastic ballerina / plastic ballerina cake toppers -- More hits for that photo I found on Flickr!
  • lucia katts -- Look, I told you you're making me hungry. . .
  • miss lollipop's lion -- (x2) Yes, we had that book when I was a kid. :o)
  • odd old quilt -- (g) That's the honest way to describe a "vintage crazy quilt".
  • odds & ends fashion magazine -- Trust me, I'm probably not the one to be giving out fashion advice.
  • odds lawn care
  • oddsandends face painting -- Sure, I can do that.
  • on monday i found a little bug poem -- Never heard of it.
  • ow to make a rag bag -- Depends on 'ow ye wannit to look, dearie. ;o)
  • photo death "gray skin" -- Um, ok . . . Creepy. You won't be finding that here.
  • photos, lawnmowing -- It's not really that interesting, is it?
  • playskool wonderfalls
  • polyfelt, wool felt -- So, which did you choose? The wool felt's nicer, but the price. . .
  • problems with house finches nesting on my back porch again! -- Well, they are messy. If you don't mind being a little mean, I guess you could just remove the beginnings of the nest, as soon as you see it. I don't know if there's anything you can do to make the area less desirable to begin with. . . Get a cat? ;o)
  • rags: making a little something out of almost nothing
  • scans of vintage kids mags / vintage children magazine ads
  • sziklai pair -- Well, at least this time I know how in the world this keyword led to my blog. It's due to that Wikipedia meme, again.
  • t shirt rag quilt pattern -- I didn't know you could use t-shirts in any quilt. Or at least I thought they were a bit too stretchy to be a good choice. . .
  • tarklin state park -- It's a nice little walk. :o)
  • things to make from a rag quilt -- . . . It's already a quilt. You're done. ;o) Seriously, you can make bags, curtains/valances, shower curtains, table runners. . . wall art. . . pillows. . .
  • thursday memes
  • trollstigen / weather trollstigen 2008 -- Really interesting spot.
  • well water gray color -- Ew. I suggest that you don't drink it. Well water is supposed to be nice and clear, in my experience.
  • where to find rag quilting squares -- You mean pre-cut? I'm not sure. They're pretty easy to cut for yourself. Just use any fabric that tends to fray-- denim, flannel, homespun. . .
  • winn-dixie -- Not my favorite place to shop, but I'll go when they have good sales.
  • youtube calico skies
Always amusing. (Again, for me, at least. (g))