Monday, June 23, 2008

Does crocheting cause numb fingers?

I knew that crochet was one of those things that could potentially lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or similar problems, but I thought I'd have at least a few good years before it would strike.

I was working on a granny square this morning when I noticed numbness in my thumb and one or two fingers of my right hand. I haven't even done much lately! (I crocheted maybe one square yesterday, total-- and none for a few days before that.)

How annoying!

I'm hoping this is something that won't be a perpetual problem. I don't think I'll be crocheting much, if it causes numbness. I hate that tingly sensation!

Maybe I was holding my hands incorrectly and that caused the numbness. . . Or maybe I'm just cursed with bad wrists/fingers. (sigh) Seriously, I'm not even (quite) 30 yet. I thought you weren't supposed to start falling apart until then. ;o)