Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Stuff

Nothing big to write about-- just tidbits of "stuff". . .

== == == == ==

Late last night, when we let Molly back in from her last walk, she brought a very dead little bird with her. I didn't see it until this morning. (Yuck.) Thank goodness she's still a "kitchen dog". At least it's possible to give our kitchen floor a thorough cleaning. As unpleasant as it was to find that anywhere in our house, finding it on our carpet, couch, or bed would've been so much worse!

== == == == ==

Donald had today off (yes, lots of days off, lately), so we went over the information we'd accumulated about "lawn tractors" (or whatever they call riding mowers, these days) and various and sundry other things, made a final list, and went back to Daphne to place our order. We were prepared to have to wait a bit to have it delivered, but they told us they should have it to us sometime tomorrow. (Maybe not until evening, but that's still tomorrow. (g))

Meanwhile, much of the lawn is embarrassingly unkempt. It really needs mowing! (Oh yeah, I guess I never mentioned that Donald tinkered around with the walk-behind mower some more, and we gave it some more tries, but so far we haven't been able to get it started.)

== == == == ==

Yesterday, I got a bunch of photos that I ordered online for cheap with a coupon code. (Thanks for the info, Mom!) Now I need to clear off a table, sit down, and do some scrapbooking! I haven't done that in a long while, so that should be fun. :o)

== == == == ==

Donald and I stopped for a treat on our way home from shopping, today. I had a chocolate malted milk shake-- the first in years and years. Malted milkshakes sure are tasty!

Sadly, I ought to cut down on the treats. While getting ready to leave, I caught a displeasing angle of myself in the mirror. Not the first time that's happened (g), but still. . . Must find some form of exercise that I don't hate so much that I quit after a few days. . .

== == == == ==

One of my dreams last night involved a smell (an old powdery smell), which made me realize that I don't often dream of scents-- or at least I don't often remember scents from dreams.

I was curious about how common it is to "smell" things in dreams, so I looked around a little online. It's funny how people seem to take special pride in their ability to remember dreams and in the "quality" of their dreams.

"I always dream in very vivid color."
"Oh yeah? Well, when I dream, it's so real that I can't tell whether I'm dreaming or not."

"I smelled something in my dream last night."
"Yeah, I do that all the time. Actually, I have everything in my dreams-- smell, sound, touch, sight, taste. . . I read somewhere that the more senses you have in your dreams, the higher your level of intelligence. (You know, just fyi.)"

(Those aren't direct quotes, but they're close enough. (g))