Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Mower, More "Stuff"

Our delivery from the home improvement store arrived Saturday morning, ahead of schedule.

The mower was of course the biggest single item. We purged the transmission, etc., and Donald tried it out. It seems to be working fine, and it makes the job go so much faster than with the walk-behind mower! We built a ramp into the shed, so now the mower's resting in its new home. ;o) I still haven't driven it, and I won't until Donald shows me how it works. I definitely don't want to do anything to "hurt" it.

For those who care about such things, it's a Husqvarna. Yes, that's a Swedish brand, but that wasn't the reason we chose it. (Really, it wasn't. Unless it was for Donald and he just tricked me into thinking it was an objective decision. . . (g)) I tried to research the different mowers in our price range, but it's impossible to tell much about these things. Even if you buy the most highly recommended model, you might end up with a dud (like one of my aunts did with her washing machine).

Anyway, here's the manufacturer's photo:
So, we now have most of the supplies we need to build the covered patio and pump house we've been planning. Unfortunately, the weather is pretty unbearable, right now. It's stifling out there, most of the day. Not exactly the kind of weather that tempts you to spend your entire weekend outside building things. Still, if we work during the cooler times of the day, we can get something done. I'm not good at estimating how long it takes to do things-- or how much we'll feel like doing at a time-- so I won't hazard a guess. (g)

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

In other news ;o) I'm planning to make chicken quesadillas for supper tonight. Last time I made them, I stuck the leftovers in the microwave to keep warm/safe from a housefly that had been tormenting me-- then promptly forgot all about them until lunchtime the next day. (!!!) It made me sick to have to throw them away, but one simply doesn't eat chicken that's been left out all night.

When will I ever learn? I shouldn't vary from my routines, lest disaster occur. ;o)