Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bulleted List of Random Stuff

  • I don't think I've mentioned (have I?) that Trixie pretty much knows "sit", now. Or at least I think she does. . . In any case, she knows that when you hold up a treat and say "Sit!" she needs to sit to get it. Maybe she thinks "sit" is what we call treats. ;o)
  • Happiness is a well-stocked pantry. (Among other things, of course.)
  • Tonight, while looking at a map of the Gulf of Mexico (and surrounding landmasses), I was suddenly hit by a wave of. . . I don't know. . . more than familiarity. Just a feeling of deep well-being. That feeling you get when you come home and kick off your shoes after a long day. "Relax. This is where you belong." Weird. I guess this is what happens when you've looked at one map enough times. . . ? (g))
  • If you care about the future of talk radio (or in other words, the (un)Fairness Doctrine)-- or, indeed, of the country as a whole-- you might be interested in what happened when Stanley Kurtz went on a radio program to discuss Barack Obama's connection to William Ayers (who was involved in terrorist activities in the 1970s). Here are a few links: One, Two, Three. . . .I wonder how much longer free speech will be around? "We want it to stop"? Well, too bad! (Is it just me, or does that sound like a toddler pitching a tantrum? Maybe they're mentally or emotionally stuck at that level. . .) The last I heard, we're still allowed to voice dissenting opinions. (And in this instance, it wasn't merely opinion.) Isn't it funny how dissent and protest are noble-- patriotic-- when they come from one perspective, but they must be silenced when they come from another? So strange. . .
  • Was listening to a little of "the speech" tonight, but I can only take so many platitudes in one serving. The close shots of worshipers people in the audience, looking up with awe in their eyes? Yuck. Oh, and I'm considering striking the word "CHANGE" from my vocabulary. ;o) (Btw, look who's talking about not having a record to run on!!)
  • Molly got a new squeaky toy tonight. It interested her until the precise moment that she heard Trixie's little toy squeak again. (g)