Monday, August 25, 2008


Or, er, "puppy update", to be more conventional.

Let's put it in list format, shall we?
  • Still bites, but seems to understand that she's not supposed to bite hard. This doesn't necessarily prevent her from doing it, though-- particularly when she's excited by play.
  • Has developed a habit of "summoning" us to her room when she has a non-puddly surprise for us to see. Does so by standing by the "surprise" and yapping. (Unnecessary to add "loudly", as she is incapable of yapping quietly.) Not sure if she's calling her maid to task or proudly displaying her latest efforts. . . Now just need to train her to yap before she "goes".
  • Displays promise for future howling, but probably won't rival Molly's ability, in that arena.
  • Cries when she thinks we take too long to come see her in the morning. This makes sleeping late on the weekend an impossibility. (If I'm up to see her, I go ahead and clean up after her nighttime adventures, and by the time I've mopped the floor and said good morning to her-- not to mention letting Molly out for her morning stroll-- I'm not likely to return to bed. Instead, I'm ready for breakfast! Can only imagine how much trouble a baby must be, if a puppy puts this much of a crimp in my style.)
  • Difficult for me to gauge how much she's grown, but she's certainly much more alert and coordinated than she was when we first got her-- and I think her face is slowly beginning to look more "pointed"/adult and less blunted/babyish.
  • When scolded, has a habit of lowering her head to the floor, looking up with a "What? I'm just an innocent little puppy!" expression, and then springing up with a sassy yap. This girl has a serious 'tude (as they used to say, oh, two or three or five years ago. . .). ;o)
  • Speaking of attitude, also tends to sigh noisily when things don't go her way. (I'm not imagining it! (g) She is definitely sighing!)
. . . And that's all that comes immediately to mind. So, there's still a whole lotta puppying goin' on, around here. And mopping. Lots of mopping.