Monday, September 8, 2008


I accidentally published prematurely. Sorry about that!

There's a pretty big change coming in our life, about two weeks from now. (And I really hope the two weeks part tipped you off that it's not a baby. Seriously, I have my hands full with Trixie. No human babies need apply until my "fur baby" is at least housetrained.)

. . . Where was I? Oh yes, the big (non-baby-related) news.

Donald has formally resigned from his position at the company where he's been employed since 2001. Instead, he'll be working for a different company that he "met" through his freelancing.

(To anyone who feels that they ought to have heard about this before now, I promise I haven't really been keeping it a secret! I just didn't want to say too much-- i.e. jinx it ;o)-- until it was fairly well settled, and since then there hasn't been a good opportunity. Anyway. . .)

Only time will tell how things work out, but we both feel that this new job has lots of potential. If nothing else, he won't have such a long commute every day. In fact, he'll probably be spending at least some (maybe even many) of his days working from home! (Quite a change from his daily drive to and from Mobile!) The "work-from-home" element is one of the things that time will tell about. (g) How much time he spends in the home office vs. in the office-office or out at meetings will of course depend on what works out to be the best solution, but in any case, he should be putting in many fewer hours behind the wheel, and that's something I think he's looking forward to!

So, I think that qualifies as a pretty big change. (g)

The other change is just a possible change. It's still not completely decided, but it looks like we may be getting some new neighbors, one of these days. (It's my parents and youngest sister! Shh! [I don't think it's a real secret-- I hope not, since I'm blogging about it now ;o)-- but it's more fun to pretend it's a bit hush-hush.])

Again, nothing's set in stone, and even if they do decide to move here, their new house will have to be built (not to mention septic, well, etc.), so it won't be for months to come. . . But still! (Thinking about a new house is always so exciting, even if it's not your own. (g))

With settled and possible changes-- a new puppy to train-- and a change in season just around the corner, too-- there's definitely more excitement in the air than usual. :o)