Saturday, September 6, 2008

Where's Ike Gonna Strike?

(Sorry. I couldn't help myself. It was either that or "Take a Hike, Ike!". . . Oops! I was supposed to keep that one to myself, for fear of running off the two or three of you still reading. . .)

It hasn't been long since I was obsessively checking the latest computer models of Gustav. (Can you believe I just had to stop and really think to remember that name?! Yeah, it's after ten-- getting late for me-- but still!) Now there's Ike.

I captured this screenshot (from Wunderground) an hour or so ago:

Now they have a new one up-- one that puts it further to our west, which is better news for us, but not so good for Louisiana and/or Texas. . . Of course (as always) it's still up in the air. (Ha ha. Little meteorology humor for you, there. ;o)) Ike could go almost anywhere in the Gulf, as far as we know.

For now, I'm just keeping an eye on the forecasts and hoping we're spared a bad storm.