Friday, October 3, 2008

Everything Depends on Perspective

Donald told me last night that the Swedish media had proclaimed Palin the "winner" of the debate.

--Never mind that the whole idea of anyone winning a debate seems improbable to me. How can you tell? Maybe, rarely, there is no doubt, but most of the time opinions will differ.--

For the Swedish media to suggest that Palin "won", however, I figured the victory must've been fairly unquestionable, because generally speaking, the Swedish media (like most media in Europe, I'd say) tend to slant things toward the Democratic side.

And yet when I visited a few blogs this morning, almost the first thing I saw was a liberal blogger (no-one you know, I'm sure) who had written with an "and that settles that" complacency that while Palin did better than expected, Biden had won the debate.

All I can say is. . . Wow. If you have a more blinding case of left-leaning bias than the Swedish media*. . . you must be democrat right down to the core.

(This is why I think it's mostly pointless for many people to bother watching the debates. If you've already made up your mind, it'll take something incredible to sway your vote-- something much more shocking than what usually takes place at these debates. And if something that big ever were to happen, you'd be sure to hear about it the next day.)

*No offense to Swedes in general, of course. I might say the same thing about the mainstream media of the U.S., actually. But I thought it was more fun to drag Sweden into the brawl. ;o)