Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Recap

We had a very nice Christmas again, this year. The weather did turn out to be fairly gross-- off-and-on rain, pervasive dampness, and unseasonable warmth-- and it's still muggy out there. Of course, it could've been worse, and since our festivities mostly took place indoors, we hardly had to think about the weather.

We got to see family on Christmas Eve (father's side of the family, and later a cozy gathering of just my parents, Kimberly, Carrie & Victor, and ourselves) and on Christmas Day (mother's side of the family). I didn't get everything done that I'd wanted to-- I probably ought to add "as usual" here-- but I got enough done, I guess, and now I can start working on the ideas I didn't get to so that I have things ready when birthdays (or next Christmas) roll around again.

Donald and I shot some video-- which I've yet to even load onto the computer-- so maybe there'll be some short clips, later on. We also have yet to give Molly and Trixie their gifts-- another event to video. ;o)

Donald put in some hours working from home on Wednesday morning and Friday, but we still managed to squeeze some fun in there-- and he got to talk to his brother and mother yesterday. Now we're probably going to spend the weekend being lazy and doing just whatever we please. (So. . . as usual, mostly, though perhaps with a little more luxuriance-- finally able to "do nothing" without a mile-long holiday-themed to-do list in the back of my mind.) I've done precious little housework this whole week, and frankly, I don't intend to start until Monday (except for what absolutely must be done).

Off to luxuriate, then! ;o) (While trying to ignore the pain I've had in the right side of my neck for a few days. And, which is much more difficult to do, trying to believe-- not just repeat to myself, but persistently believe-- that it's just an irritating pain and not a sign of something serious. Stupid hypochondria!)