Friday, December 5, 2008

Now We're Cookin'!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please stop hitting me with that oven mitt! I tried to resist the Cliché Title urge, but I was weak! ;o)

The new range (which we ordered during an after-Thanksgiving sale) arrived today, and the old one (long may it rust) was carted away.

Here's the "before" photo:

Old Range

And here's the "after":

New Range

(If you like, you can click either of those photos to go to the photo on Flickr, where I have notes for each.)

After we gave the surface a "protective coating" of the cleaning stuff that came with the unit (like a good little girl and boy, because the instructions told us to (g)), Donald wanted to try out the "Turbo Boil" feature.

Look! The burners glow red when they're on!! Kewl! ;o)

And yes, the water boiled! ;o) And pretty quickly, too, which was nice, seeing as it is a Turbo Boil burner. . .

Ignore our giddy joy at the boiling of water.
Y'see, we're jist not used to these newfangled indoor cookin' contraptions. (g)

Anyway, now I have to become a great "cooker girl", to live up to our shiny new range. How hard can it be, right?