Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quizzes and "My Day So Far"

First, some pointless quizzes to disrupt the tedium of a rainy day:

Saw this quiz on someone's blog today: Is you cat plotting to kill you? (I feel like I've seen it before, which probably means that you all have, too...) Fortunately, I don't have to worry about this particular problem, but for you cat-owners out there, it might be worth your time. ;o)

Dog-lovers: Click the image below to take the "Name That Dog Breed" quiz.

Name That Dog Breed

I only got one wrong, and wouldn't you know that the one I'd miss would be the cocker spaniel? (g) (Sorry, Molly.) I knew it was some type of spaniel, but guessed Brittany spaniel instead, because. . . I don't know why. I guess I didn't know what the Brittany looked like. Now I'll spend the rest of the day with my head hung in shame. ;o)

One more quizzy link:

Name That Candy Bar

I'm thinking that this is one of those quizzes where the lower your score, the better. ;o) I was altogether too familiar with many of these candy bars. (Honestly, though, I haven't had most of those in years. Funny how I can remember what's in a candy bar I haven't eaten since high school, probably, yet I forget where I put my jeans half a year ago!)


Now for some thrilling snippets that I like to call. . .

My Day So Far:
  • Rain, rain, and more rain. Woken early by lightning & thunder. Now things have calmed down, but it's been raining off and on all day. Usually, a little rain is ok, but today, I'd actually have preferred dry weather. (Also, see next item.)
  • Trying to keep the puppy satisfied with staying in her crate as much as possible, which isn't so easy, now that she's gotten used to being outside much of the day. Leaving her loose in the house isn't feasible, at this point, unless I can watch her like a hawk the whole time.
  • Putting away cleaned dishes.
  • Picking (and tossing over the fence) a crop of (inedible) mushrooms that had sprung up in our yard. This was an effort to keep Trixie from sampling them. I don't think she would-- and I don't really know if they'd hurt her, even if she did-- but I thought about removing them, and having thought it, knew that if I didn't, I'd never forgive myself if she actually ate them and was poisoned. (Plus, there were quite a few of them-- big ones, some with red caps-- and I thought she'd be likely to notice them.) And then of course Trixie saw what I was doing and was possibly more interested in them than if I'd just left them where they were. (sigh)
  • Putting away the boxes the Christmas decorations were in. Still need to arrange the nativity and a few knick-knacks.
  • Run out in the rain to get something from the mail lady. (It wouldn't fit in the mailbox.)
  • A couple loads of laundry (towels and whites).
  • Made the bed. (Always harder this time of year. All those layers add up-- especially on a king size bed-- and it's hard to get them to budge.)
  • Tidied up a messy jumble of boxes and packaging stuff. (Had to, to get past them to the closet where the Christmas decoration storage goes.)
  • Lunch. (Ham salad sandwich. Pretty good, if I say so myself.)
  • Trying to clear off the table and counter so that I can put on a seasonally appropriate table cloth and a few decorations. Those surfaces are almost always cluttered. Very bad habit-- but hard to break, since they're so conveniently placed by the door. . .
  • Vacuuming much of the house.
  • Asking Trixie why she's barking. Does she want to go outside? Not particularly. But I put her out there anyway. (g) (Don't worry-- it's not even raining right now.)
  • Feeling stressed out by all the things I need to do this month. . .
  • Etc.
(Incidentally, I know that my list isn't "parallel". I've just decided to break as many of the rules as I like-- and that's one I can certainly do without, today.)

Now. Back to the de-cluttering. . .