Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Uh-oh. She's talking to the TV again..."

One little note before I commence grumpin' at the TV. ;o)

Earlier this week, you may have heard, the moon, Venus and Jupiter-- the three brightest objects in the night sky-- were very close to one another. Apparently this was big enough of an "event" that it was in the news, but the funny thing is that Donald saw it and called me out to look at it before we'd heard about it. (Mom, your e-mail about it went to the junk e-mail folder, so I didn't see it until today. Probably because it was empty except for a link. Guess I need to check that folder more often!) So, yes, it was pretty impressive, to just catch his attention like that. Too bad we'll have to wait until 2052 to see it again.

--- --- --- --- ---

Things the TV has made me wonder about lately:

Does no one dare tell Bill O'Reilly that "plasma" is not pronounced "plahh-smahh"? Maybe it's just me, but that pronunciation of his drives me up the wall!


Why are "they" getting rid of Pushing Daisies-- something completely different from anything else on TV right now, that I know of-- instead of one of the numerous medical or crime shows? I mean, I like a good "procedural drama" (as "they" call 'em) as much as the next person, but there are so many of them! And the medical shows can all go away, as far as I'm concerned.


Don't the news people (anchors and reporters alike) get tired of doing variations on the same set of stories every year? For instance: It's now winter, so bring on the carbon monoxide poisoning stories and segments stressing the need to buy carbon monoxide alarms! I guess that if they didn't do this, they wouldn't have enough "news" to fill their ever-expanding time slots, so they probably can't complain.


Why in the world are we expected to want to watch award shows (and now, even the nominations for those awards!) that honor actors and musicians? Upon catching a very odd glimpse of the Grammy nominations last night, Donald and I were commenting on how there seem to be more and more of these programs.

The really weird thing is that many people do seem to actually care. It baffles me. Yes, I watch movies and TV, and I listen to music. There are even a very, very few actors and musicians whom I admire or think seem to be decent, semi-normal people-- but how does it follow that I must want to see them get all dolled up and congratulate one another on how wonderful they are at their "craft"? If we're going to watch award ceremonies, shouldn't they be honoring people who make a real difference in the world instead of those who merely entertain us in our spare time?

I suppose it was inevitable that it should happen this way. What group of people would want all this fuss, drama, and glitz for their sakes, other than the "stars"? And of course, the ones who make the decision to broadcast these lavish displays are more closely connected with those same "stars" than they are with the people who truly deserve nationwide recognition.

So, maybe inevitable, but still irritating and enough to make you weary of the world and the celebrity-obsessed.

This was nothing new to you, I'm sure, but I needed to get it out. Now that it is out, I can wash my dishes in peace. Thank you. ;o)