Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nightmarish Dreams

Note: This is nothing but rambling about dreams I've had in the past few nights. I won't be offended if you decide not to read it. ;o) In fact, I'll probably never even know one way or the other! (g)

I've heard varying opinions on the validity of this research, but ever since I heard it, I've definitely noticed an increase in my nightmarish (or at least nervous) dreams. So far, they haven't been my worst kind of nightmare-- losing a loved one-- or even my second-worst kind-- discovering that I've neglected (either very severely or to death) someone or something I was meant to care for (usually an infant).

Recent nightmarish and/or unsettled dreams:
  • I'm having an uneventful TV-esque dream (one in which it's almost as though I'm watching a TV program, not actively participating in the story). Two women in old-fashioned dress are talking in front of a large, paned window, when suddenly a loud gunshot shatters the peaceful scene. One of the women has been shot! I'm completely shocked. "What? Where did that come from?! That's not supposed to happen!" Then there's another shot-- the second woman is killed-- and I'm moved on to the next dream. . .
  • I'm standing in line with family at Firehouse Subs-- which is funny, because I've never set foot inside one. Suddenly a crazy-looking guy walks in and asks the manager if he's going to give him a free-refill (or was it an "eat free"?) pass, because he is, in fact, a firefighter. The manager says no-- the crazy guy is furious-- and he pulls a gun on the nearest customer, who happens to be my father, claiming him as a hostage. Dad says something about being able to tell the gun won't fire and proceeds to try to wrestle it from the crazy guy, but I'm afraid. How can he know? The dream fades away.
  • I'm with a couple of old school friends, and we're hiding (on a roadtrip) from some unknown enemy. It's an odd mixture of joking around, buying food at a convenience store, and being afraid that something horrible is about to happen-- feeling that we're responsible for saving something more than just ourselves.
  • I'm in a confusing dream about a woman who accidentally ordered two Christmas trees to be delivered to one location. The two "tree guys" get there at the same time and are very confrontational for a while, but it somehow works out. However, my family has to help one of the guys carry his tree back to his truck-- a longish walk that involves crossing a highway. I wonder how on earth the tree guy thought this enormous thing would fit in the building to begin with. (g)
  • I'm hiking with family (including extended family). At first, it's easy enough that I can just enjoy the surroundings, but gradually, it becomes more challenging. We reach a long ledge so narrow that I have to stand with my back pressed against a stone wall and slide my feet sideways, instead of walking. Despite being nervous about my precarious situation, I want to take photos (g), but family members keep catching up with me and needing to (somehow) squeeze past me on the narrow ledge. . .
  • I finally make it down to the bottom of the mountain-- and now I'm no longer with family, but on a huge high school trip (to Spain, I think). I notice how dark the sky is against the land and an earth-toned structure nearby, and I begin to photograph it. Suddenly, I see through the viewfinder of the camera that a tornado is forming right in front of us. As I run for cover and call for others to do the same, the structure disintegrates, and before my eyes, some unknown person is speared through the chest by a jagged peice of plywood. The rest of the dream is vaguely sad, fearful, and uncomfortable-- spent sheltering in a dilapidated medical facility that seems to be nothing but a labyrinth of crowded halls and too-narrow chambers.
Can't complain too much, I guess, since I've certainly had worse dreams. And after all, they are only dreams. (g) Maybe dreams of that sort make me a little more appreciative of prosaic reality.