Friday, May 15, 2009

Mulch. Herbicide. Electricity. TV (w/ spoilers).

Nothing but a handful of tidbits today:

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I've been spending the first parts of the past few days spreading mulch and pulling/digging out weeds from flower beds in preparation for mulching. I have it down to one pile of mulch in a place where it won't kill any grass, which means it can wait another day or two (if need be). The mulch is good for the plants and improves the looks of the yard. Spreading it is also forcing me to start tackling the weeding I'd been putting off. I don't enjoy weeding, but I feel better about myself (and the yard) after I'm done. (Like exercising. And chores in general.)

Next, I need to get serious about spraying weeds around the yard with Roundup. By which I mean I need to actually spray some Roundup instead of just constantly saying, "You know, I really need to spray some Roundup! One of these days... When the planets are in perfect alignment and there's a cool spell and my daily horoscope says 'Today is a good day for killing weeds.'" (Just kidding. Obviously. I'm so not one of those people who read horoscopes or know when the planets are aligned. The procrastinating, on the other hand? All too true, I'm afraid.) I have to see if I can find the "recipe" so that I get the potency right... I wonder if I can put some of the "home-mixed" stuff in an empty spray bottle so that I always have a little on hand, premixed? I'd be better about keeping weeds down if I had a little bottle at the ready.

Note: Don't ever look up Roundup or other herbicides online, unless you're prepared to read about how awful they are and how awful you are for using them. Oh, and that you're killing the environment and yourself with every squirt, or something like that. *whistles nonchalantly*

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We had an electrician come this week to install an outlet box on the patio. For whatever reason (keeping costs down), our builder designed this house with outlets on only two sides of the house-- neither of which are the side we use most-- by the kitchen door and the main gate. Unfortunately, we had to have another (smaller) electrical box put on the side of the house, because the old one had no empty slots. If the electrician knows what he's talking about, though (and he should), this second box should cover us when we want to pull electricity to our (future, as-yet-unbuilt) garage, put in additional security lighting, etc.

It'll be nice to have electricity right on the patio. Much more convenient than dragging out the extension cords everytime we want to use the radio, a fan, or a power tool outside!

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Here are a few TV tidbits, SPOILERS included:

Um... Did you see that part about how there will be SPOILERS?

Because I'd really hate to SPOIL your viewing pleasure with my SPOILERS about LOST and Survivor...

Still here, huh?
Well, ok. Don't say I didn't warn you.
About the SPOILERS, that is.

I don't really know what to make of most of the season finale. (But what else is new, right?)

I'm glad that we finally got to see more of the statue, but to be honest, I felt that Jacob was a little of a let-down. I don't know what I expected or wanted, but some average-looking guy wasn't it. Of course, he's obviously not just some average guy, but still...

I was disappointed to see that John was actually still dead, though by the time of the "big reveal" I'd already guessed he was in the box. (John goading Ben into doing the dirty work of killing Jacob just didn't feel right for the character, and I figured someone must be in the box. Oh, and is it just me, or isn't it kind of odd that this was the second time the writers tried to shock us with a dead John in a coffin/box.)

Of course, if the bomb-us-out-of-this-mess plan works, Locke will be alive again-- as will all the other characters we've lost (ha ha) along the way. I would be happy to see some of those old faces back again.

Other random thoughts:
  • Assuming the plane lands safely (and none of the past however-many seasons ever happened) what about the characters whose lives were improved by their time on the island? As Kate remarks, not everything that happened on the island was bad. For instance: Locke's cured paralysis. Rose's cured cancer. Kate's new-found freedom. ...I think there are others, but those are the only ones springing to mind. Well, except from the relationships formed, of course. For instance, Charlie & Blonde Aussie. (Clara? No, Claire. Had to look it up! She's been off-screen too long, and I'm not great with names.) The only things of this sort I noticed being referenced on the show are Kate's handcuffs and relationships with Jack and Sawyer.
  • I was disappointed that Ben killed Jacob. Not so much because I care intensely about Jacob as a character (partly due to the fact that he's apparently a supernatural being and ought to be able to take care of himself), but because I'd like to see Ben behave admirably just once in a while. I know he's one of the villains, but I feel sorry for the guy. And if you believe in redemption, there's always a chance. . .
  • The "Oh, yeah, we've been hiding out in the jungle for three years" thing with Rose and. . . Rose's Husband-- ah, Bernard, I think?-- seemed a little convenient and rushed in that lovely "we've gotta start tying up loose ends, stat!" sort of way, but I guess it's an acceptable explanation. I can't really blame them for wanting a peaceful retirement. More importantly, we see that the dog is okay. (Seriously, seeing Vincent was more exciting than seeing either of The Retirees, as they shall henceforth be known. (g))
  • Kate and the New Kids on the Block lunchbox. ...Gah... One more thing to not really love about Little Miss Freckles. She's one of those dratted NKOTB fangirls. ;o)
  • I just read someone's theory that Mr. Evil (aka Faux Locke, aka He Who Wants/Wanted Jacob Dead) is actually-- ready for it?-- the smoke monster! Why didn't I think of that?! I wouldn't be surprised if that's right.
Well, enough of that.

Coach was finally voted off. I wasn't surprised to find (via Google) that I wasn't the only one to notice some strong similiarities between the "sayings" of Coach and Michael Scott (from The Office). Both can be obnoxious, embarrassingly ill-informed, and egotistical-- but sometimes you see a glimmer of hope for Michael-- and at least you know he's a fictional character. Coach is (presumably) a real person (unless he's an undercover actor), and though I occasionally felt a little sorry for him, most of the time I couldn't keep from rolling my eyes whenever he opened his mouth. And I didn't usually feel bad about the eye-rolling, 'cause he so frequently was just plain mean.

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The End.