Monday, June 8, 2009

Political "Sniblet"

But just one-- I promise! (g)

Have you heard? "Obama is sort of God."

Oh, sorry about that. I should've warned you to steel yourself for the barf-inducing nature of that clip...

Doesn't this guy realize that he's doing ol' "B.O." no favors by likening him to God? I can't believe that many Americans-- liberals included-- are comfortable with that comparison, not to mention that it's pretty much begging for "Antichrist" reactions.

And did you catch the part about how, while "Reagan was all about America", Obama's message to the world is that "we are above that now"? Because, obviously, having an American president who made America his top priority would be baaaad. Wouldn't want that!

Naw, America doesn't need anyone-- not even the President!-- to look out for her best interests. I mean, we'll be fine. The U.S. is "too big to fail". Right?

Good grief!!