Friday, July 3, 2009

Crusti Croc Chips

Crusti Croc Chips
Originally uploaded by MossyOwls

Four people viewed this picture yesterday-- all coming from Google Images.

. . . I wonder if Crusti Croc was in the news, or something. . .

This led me to check out my stats on Flickr. My photos, videos, sets, collections, and photostream have been viewed a total of 170,811 times. (234 yesterday and 157 so far today.)

My most popular (most viewed) photo is one of polymer clay mini cupcake earrings-- 3,509 views to date. I have to go down to #17 on the list to get a photo that's not mini food (but it's still polymer-related), and the first non-polymer photo on the list comes in at #39-- pytt i panna, of all things! (It's a Swedish dish of diced potatoes, ham, and onions, fried together in a single skillet.) After that, the next non-polymer photo (#48) is this Crusti Croc chips picture, with 487 views, followed at #79 by the "Sad Little Traffic Light" in Säffle (330 views). (No comments or "favorites" on either of those, though. I'm so hurt! (g))

Well, as fascinating as I'm sure this is, I think I'd better stop before I get sucked into listing every non-polymer photo in descending order of views. . .