Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Autumn Preview & Outdoor Oddities

Our weather over the weekend was beautiful-- cooler and drier than usual for August, with pleasant little breezes that made it feel cooler yet-- and for a couple of nights it was cool and dry enough for us to turn off the air conditioning and open a few windows.

Ahh... There's nothing like that first taste of autumn! Of course, it was only temporary. Heat and humidity have already begun to creep back up the scale, but we did our best to enjoy paradise while it lasted! ;o) (And there's supposed to another slight cool spell early next week!)

We took advantage of the nice weather and did some yard work. There's still much to do (I'm making a list of work to accomplish before spring/summer 2010), but it's a start.

After clearing a portion of a vastly overgrown flowerbed, I noticed a bunch of what looked like tiny white eggs.

Unidentified Eggs

I'm not sure yet what they contain(ed). A little later on, only a yard or two from the eggs, I saw a teensy baby green anole (a common lizard around here-- the type in my photos on Flickr). A quick look online suggests that maybe lizard eggs are larger than these were, but what else could they be? I wouldn't expect a garter snake to lay so many eggs, and I don't know if they'd be this tiny, either... Actually, I wouldn't expect a lizard to lay so many eggs. They don't strike me as insect eggs, but that would explain the number.

Speaking of insects, I found several of these strange-looking caterpillars in some rosebushes:

White-Marked Tussock Moth Caterpillar

I think I've identified them as white-marked tussock moth caterpillars. If so, they apparently sting and are commonly found munching on trees.

Well, I had planned to write a slightly longer, coherent entry, but trying to write while I watch TV isn't working. (Weird, huh?)

There are some more photos from our nice-weather weekend on my Flickr photostream, including several pictures of Trixie chasing soap bubbles.

In Her Sights

Nothing Tastes Like a Great Big Soap Bubble.