Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm loving how now it's so important to "respect the office". The Presidency itself is so sacred, hallowed, revered, whatever-word-you-like that out of deference for it alone we shouldn't say a word when the President wishes to address the nation's youth. Ok, but if we should respect the office even if we don't respect the man (or woman, somewhere down the line), where was that respect during the past four years?

And then there's this. According to that article from The Washington Examiner, when President George H.W. Bush made a motivational speech to students, back in 1991, the Democrats (who held the majority in Congress) "not only denounced Bush's speech-- they also ordered the General Accounting Office to investigate its production and later summoned top Bush administration officials to Capitol Hill for an extensive hearing on the issue."

. . . . .

Ok, yes. Some people went overboard on the issue of Obama's address to the nation's school-age children. That's not to say that a few things in that cute little "lesson plan/study guide" didn't turn my stomach. It's just that because of all the fuss, no matter what he originally intended to say, now the speech has been scrubbed clean of anything remotely controversial-- so anyone who has objected to it will come out looking hysterical and ridiculous.

. . . . .

Sometimes you just want to go find a new, hidden continent and start over fresh. Too bad new, hidden continents are in short supply. I guess we have to stay here and try to fix things. The infuriating part is that for the mostpart, things aren't that broken here. Sure, some things could be improved upon, but I for one am not hungry for the kind of radical change that may be coming. Instead, I feel like I'm helplessly watching them prepare to take a hammer to the foundation of my country, and it's sickening.