Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unidentified Crochet (?) Motif

While watching something on Hulu, a scarf caught my eye. (Yes, I am obsessed with scarf patterns now. I don't make the scarves, you understand. I just gawk at photos of them and collect free patterns. I may have to seek counseling, but only once I run out of computer memory.)

The motif in the scarf looks very familiar, and I think I may have seen in it an afghan before, but I can't seem to find it online-- mainly because I can't come up with the right search terms. I'm usually pretty good at finding things like this online (if I do say so myself (g)), but this time I'm stumped. (Apparently it's not a "crochet yo-yo" or daisy motif, even if it does look like some sort of tiny, daisy-like flower you'd find dotting an alpine pasture in an illustration from Heidi.)

I know some of my visitors have experience with crocheting and knitting. Can any of you offer a clue? This looks like crochet to me, but I may be wrong. (The photos are pretty low quality, but they're the best I could get...)

Do you know what this style/motif is called, so I can look it up online? Is it even crochet?

I really need to know what this thing is called so I can hunt it down and learn how to make it (assuming it is crochet). It's urgent! One of these days it may not warm into the upper 80s (paired with stifling humidity)-- and there may even be one or two scarf-weather days before spring rolls around again. ;o)

Update: After looking around some more, I think the center, daisy-ish part of the motif (the part that looks so familiar) is probably made using a small loom-- which, incidentally, is sometimes called a "flower loom" or a "daisy loom". Now, I wonder if I can make one of these at home, or if they're available cheaply at the craft store...