Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twitter: My Source for Politics ;o)

(For the day that's surely coming when Twitter is but a distant memory. . .)

Jamie Dupree tweets the following:

  • Some say public option is basically dead in the Senate bill, but Sen. Reid cautions that may not be true
  • Sen Reid: "We can't disclose the details of what we've done, but believe me, we've got something that's good"
  •  Sen. Reid on news reports that the public option is dead: "It's not true, okay? Everyone understand that."
 Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought when I heard the news.  

Haven't we learned by now that you can't trust a word our of their mouths?  If anything, work under the cautious assumption that the opposite is true!  

(Hm.  Didn't I say something about not dwelling on politics too much?  Oh well, I'm still trying, but it doesn't do to go to sleep at the wheel either.   [Ha.  Like I have any real control over any of this nonsense.])