Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama-- the Musical!

Obama Musical Thrills Audiences in Germany

  • An actor portraying Obama is "thrilling audiences with a rousing chorus of 'Yes We Can' in a country still charmed by his message of hope." 
  •  The producers hope to take the show to the US, someday.  (Cross your fingers!)
  • The actor who portrays Obama said that "the qualities he admired most in Obama were his eloquence, strength and vision, adding that it was amazing how 'he moved a world'."
  •  "John McCain" and "Sarah Palin" "did numbers of their own, the latter singing 'Ich bin ein Pitbull' (I'm a Pitbull)."  (Well, isn't that charming?)
  • "Set in Chicago, where Obama worked as a community organizer, the plot portrays how his message helps reconcile residents of a multi-cultural neighbourhood and propels a young black politician to the White House in 2008."
  • "Two other shows have already put the US president on stage meanwhile, 'Obama On My Mind' in London, and 'Obama: The Musical' in Nairobi." 
  •  A 21-year-old in the audience "thought an early scene where women go to a spa to relieve the tension of daily life was 'pretty confusing'.  Having visited the United States, he said: 'What's up with that? I don't think they go to the spa that often.'"  (Only the fancy Americans do that, young man.  Only the fancy ones. . .)
 (Ok, maybe that last bullet point was unnecessary, from a news standpoint, but it was the best part of the whole article.)