Friday, February 12, 2010

"The White Stuff"

I'm not a big twitterer, but every now and then, it occurs to me that I'm tweeting about things that I may want to remember (and look up) later. . . and as of yet, I don't think there's a convenient way to do that on Twitter. 

So I'll just take the easy way out, this time, and repost the relevant tweets here.  (I've read that some people loathe the practice, but it's never really bothered me.  Besides, since most of my readers are family and friends, I think I'm safe, as long as I don't make it a habit. (g)) 

  • We may get snow on Friday! Forget the mid-Atlantic "snowpocalypse". Even an *inch* of snow down here would make people go CRAZY. (g) 12:47 PM Feb 10th.
  • The Southern Snow freak-out has begun. At least 2 local counties have closed school for Fri in anticipation of the Great Blizzard of 2010.  About 16 hours ago.
  • Just got back from grocery shopping. It was busy-- everyone stocking up before The Storm. ;o) Drove home through (very light) sleet. About 15 hours ago.
  • Whoever's tweeting for one local news station just actually used the "#snOMG" hashtag. I'm stunned. . . About 15 hours ago.
  • Donald is laughing at our local news-- the (almost) snow-only stories-- the fact that they reported sleet like it was something big. . . About 9 hours ago. 
  • Also, he would like to request that they immediately cease referring to snow as "the white stuff". About 9 hours ago.
  • So far, no snow. Only quite a lot of slow rain. There are puddles. I hope they won't prevent any snow from accumulating, later... 27 minutes ago.
  • And to followers for whom snow is a common occurrence: I apologize for all these boring tweets. They'll continue, but I do apologize. ;o)  25 minutes ago.