Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome to Conservative Haven, U.S.A. ;o)

I just read a news story that lists four local counties that have made it on The Daily Caller's list of "the top 100 'most conservative-friendly' counties in the United States".  Our county in particular (where I've always lived, by the way) made spot 63 on the list.  (...Which makes me wonder what the top ten are like.  The website is doling them out twenty at a time, and they're not revealing the top twenty until tomorrow.  Oh, and they're doing a top 100 most liberal-friendly counties, next, in case you're interested.)

Here's what they say about my home county:
There are two main areas of settlement in ---------- County. The bulk of the population is part of the suburbs of Mobile, across the bay from the city itself. The new suburbs are prosperous Gulf Coast towns similar to those around Tampa or Houston. The other thrust of development are the resorts along the Gulf. Beaches like G--- S----- are very similar to the white sand beaches in the Florida Panhandle. The county is about 3-to-1 Republican.”
Well, I must admit that I don't quite like my county being referred to as a suburb of Mobile.  Sure, a good number of people live on the Eastern Shore and commute to work in Mobile, but suburbs of Mobile?  I think that's pushing it.  And as for our beaches being "very similar" to those on the Florida Panhandle-- I'm pretty sure they are the same.  There's nothing but a state line separating them, after all.    

Quibbles aside, I think it's fun that we made the list at all.   One more reason to be happy we live here.  ;o)