Friday, April 16, 2010

Am I Missing Something Here. . .?

(I believe I said something about writing non-political, non-complaining, non-irritated blog entries. . . Oops. . .)

Someone on Twitter linked to this story on The Huffington Post.  Not surprisingly (given the source), whoever wrote this (sorry, can't be bothered to go back and look for a name) seems to disapprove of the April 15th Tea Party protesters: 

". . . some demonstrators expressed their views by carrying signs featuring shocking -- and in some cases hateful -- messages.  In the past, outrageous signs carried by Tea Party protesters have alarmed onlookers for their jaw-dropping depictions, and Thursday's display of signage was much the same."

Shocking!  Hateful!  Outrageous!  Jaw-dropping!  

And those poor onlookers, to be alarmed by the evil Tea Party protesters and their horrifying signage!

All that hype-- and then they include this sign in their "slideshow of the most shocking Tea Party signs". 

(In case something happens to the photo, let me type it out:  It's a simple sign with a simple message: "God only requires 10%".)

. . .Well, aren't you shocked (possibly even alarmed) by that hateful, outrageous, jaw-dropping sign? 

I don't really get it.  What's the big deal?  Am I missing something?  Or in other words, how could even a far-leftist be genuinely upset by this sign?   Is it just because it references the Bible?