Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Sound Grumpy, Don't I?

In Which Michael Responds to the Headlines...
(Because everyone's been waiting for my opinions on this stuff-- with bated breath.)

--Britain's Royal Engagement... Betrothal... Whatever.
Yeah, "whatever" pretty much sums up my response, as well.  A wedding?  That's fine, but I don't particularly care.  It was fun to pretend "princess" when I was a little girl, but in those days, I was usually a princess myself... or my favorite Barbie doll was-- either of which was infinitely more exciting to imagine than a real royal wedding in another country.  I just can't bring myself to view it with anything more than the most casual of passing interest.

--Scanners and "Enhanced" Pat-Downs.
I get that there needs to be security screening of some kind-- but I'm afraid that in the end, because the people we're dealing with are insane, willing to kill themselves along with their victims, there's no way to completely protect ourselves (or at least not just by screening people boarding flights).

When I see or hear about elderly women and nuns being selected for special screening, I'm very frustrated.
 So let me get this straight... They're asking me to endure greater inconvenience-- further prying into my personal space-- the indignity of a pat-down or the (supposedly minute) radiation of some new scanner that reveals every detail of my body?  ...If I agree, they had better be using whatever other methods are at their disposal-- including some form of the much-maligned profiling.  It's common sense.  It's possible that at some future date, we will find that elderly women and nuns are recruited as terrorists (or that terrorists disguise themselves as such), but until that day, let's not waste time hassling Granny, ok?

Mostly, I'd just rather not fly again, ever.  Unfortunately, that's probably not an option.

--Local News Guy Entices Viewers to Stay Tuned-In with the Promise that They'll Get to See Him Get a Flu Shot Later On.
...Well, that does sound mighty fun...  I mean, the only thing better than that would be getting a flu shot of my very own... but... I think I'll pass.  (...Who comes up with these things?  Since when is is Great Fun to see news anchors getting medical procedures?  Nightmarish.)

--Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee!
Remind me not to watch.  Er, well, considering that I never watch Glee anyway, don't bother.  ;o)

...and at this point, I realize that this has become nothing more than a grump-fest.  So I'll stop.