Friday, November 5, 2010

Obligatory Midterm Election Commentary

(But I'll keep it brief.)

Come what may in the months ahead, watching the midterm election results roll in Tuesday night was a pleasant change after the last election.  One of the high points of the evening:  We happened to be watching ABC when they (finally, long after the other networks had done so) announced that the Republicans would take control of the House.  Diane Sawyer apparently couldn't quite contain her disappointment; she frowned and shook her head (slightly) while turning away.  Ha!  Yeah, really unbiased and professional there, Diane*.  She's not alone, though.  It was clear that many of the anchors that night (and the morning after) were displeased by the turn of events. 

Also:  Are they really going to keep calling the whole thing "Midterm Madness"?  Like voters had to be crazy to vote the way they did?  Ugh. 

*The next morning, I read that at one point she expressed dismay at the news that Republicans are active on the Internet-- or, as most seem to remember her putting it, "You say you've seen signs that Republicans have moved into the Internet?  And are now dominating there?" ...I know it's hard to believe, but yes, non-liberals also use the computer box, and a few of us have even managed to figger out howter git on thuh Internets.