Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Which I React to News Tweets

"2045:  The Year 'Man Becomes Immortal'"
(It was also followed by link.  Assume the same of all of these.)

Um, yeah, sure.  Come on, people.  In the 1950s, some thought men would be flying to work on personal jet packs by the year 2000!  Do you really think a measly 35 years will lead us to immortality?  I can't believe that physical immortality is possible, ever.  Besides, what would become of the world if no-one ever died and children continued being born?  In addition to somehow achieving immortality, they'd also have to ramp up space travel, find other inhabitable planets, and somehow convince/force people to move there.

Next I click the link and read a little of it...

And, oh, this is about "the Singularity" (which I'll confess, I've never really completely understood-- something about humanity being linked with a computer so that the person's mind will "live" forever).  Basically, the article's about how computers are becoming faster and faster, to the point that (inevitably?) they will be capable of artificial human-level intelligence-- then super-human intelligence.  It's at this part of the story that I think, "Well, let's just hope they're wrong.  I'd like to still be alive, come 2045, but I don't really want to see that sort of thing, thanks all the same."  Call me medieval, but I just don't like the idea.  What?  Is that a common, narrow-minded, non-visionary response?  Meh, whatever.

Anyway, thinking about the Singularity depresses me.  So let's move on to another tweet...

"Update:  Bottom Implant Op Kills Hip-Hop Girl."

First, I'm sorry for the girl and the loss her friends and family have suffered.

But second, why in the world would anyone want a "bottom" implant???
I mean, unless your own, natural, God-given bottom has been damaged somehow and requires reconstructive surgery, why not just leave well enough alone?  Then again, I feel the same way about breast implants.  (The bottom still wins out for weirdness, though.) 

"Study Links Diet Soda to Heightened Stroke Risk."

Well, at least until next month, when they will discover that diet soda actually prevents strokes.

Seriously, though, I would say that I'm glad I find diet sodas gross and switched to drinking just plain tap water when I last swore off the old sugar water (which was over a year ago, by the way)... but then I'd be reminded that there are probably all kinds of crappy, life-threatening chemicals in my drinking water!

"Lib media reporting fake Palin interview-- as real..."

So what else is new?

Look, she's not perfect, but I do get a kick out of how passionately so many liberals dislike her-- which is demonstrated so well by their over-eagerness to pounce on anything negative about her, whether or not it happens to be true.

"Professor Surgically Embeds 'Third Eye' Camera in Head."

Yes, I remember reading about this guy before.  It was gross then, and it's gross now (in addition to possibly being a foreshadowing of the coming Age of the Cyborg). 

"Scientists build thinking cap; zaps brain to make more creative."


"Get ready for higher food prices."


...And on that happy note, goodbye!
(At least it's Thursday, the third-best day of the week.)