Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make Your Travel Plans NOW!

Not the biggest news of the day, but all the same...

The tennis court at former President Jimmy Carter‘s private home is swept twice a day, his pool is cleaned daily and his grass cut, his flower beds weeded and his windows washed on a regular basis — all at taxpayers’ expense.

Under an arrangement with the National Park Service, taxpayers are responsible for the exterior of Mr. Carter‘s home in Plains, Ga. — to the tune of $67,841 last year alone. In exchange, the government obtains the right to add the home to the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site when he and his wife pass away.

Other presidents have had similar life estate agreements calling for their properties to be turned over after their deaths, but to have taxpayers footing the bill for upkeep and maintenance of the Carters’ property appears to be unique, and it’s drawing fire at a time of tight federal budgets.

What a great deal we're getting on this one!
...'Cause, I mean, sure, it's a little expensive having the place kept sparklingly clean, but what an investment.  Imagine how many people must want to visit the Jimmy Carter Historic Site!  I know it's at the top of my personal travel wish list.

(You can find the rest of the story here.)