Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm probably just being naive, but the comments on this story surprised me.

Am I heartless for not feeling all that sorry for the mother?  I mean, obviously I don't know all the circumstances.  Possibly she's been a decent mother, over all.  Maybe there was just some awful mistake-- or there was a one-time lapse in judgment that led to the drug being in her home... Though one wonders how her kid knew where the drugs were, what the stuff even was (unless she saw someone using it and calling it by name), and um, why an 8-year-old wouldn't know it was illegal and shouldn't be brought to school and given to the teacher.  (Any chances she wanted her mother to get in trouble?  ...No, probably just not a very savvy kid.)

However, mostly it's this:  Seriously, woman, how hard is it to just not use or possess marijuana?

You know, I sometimes feel that I lack willpower.  I can't seem to make myself keep the house and yard in the sparkling, perfect order I would like.  I've failed to exercise consistently.  I still haven't made myself learn Swedish.  But at least I manage to not use harmful (oh, and also illegal) drugs, even though there are no young, corruptible children to witness it if I did.  Go, me!  ;o)

(What?  Too smug?)