Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What You Missed

Let's see... What fascinating things have we been up to, lately?

Donald put up a partial wall of lattice on the east- (and easement-) facing side of our enclosed, covered patio, and we decided to use more railing to finish the adjacent portion of the north-facing side.  (We originally planned to make that portion a partial wall of lattice, too, but after we were further along in the process, we changed our minds.)

I need to do a little touch-up painting, but I think that the patio is pretty much done, now.  We've started paving (with stepping stones) the little path from the patio to the gate for our next outdoor project.

Library Book Sale--
A few weekends ago, a neighboring county's library system had their annual book sale.  It's become a tradition for us to go (for the past few years, at least), and Kimberly usually comes along with us.  All three of us found some books we had to have.  Donald found loads of P.G.Wodehouse paperbacks (among other things), while I found that almost everything I selected fits into the mystery genre.  At fifty cents for paperbacks and a dollar for hardcovers, you can feel like you're splurging without actually spending that much at all.

Big Lagoon & Tarkiln Bayou--
Last week, Donald had to drive further than usual to meet with a client, and because it was just around the corner from a couple of state parks we've enjoyed visiting before, I came along and he took off the rest of the day so we could to take advantage of the proximity.

We hiked hither and thither.  We stopped for a yummy fast food lunch in between parks.  We saw pitcher plants, a squirrel building a nest, sparkling blue water, mysterious black water, sugar-white sand, marsh grass, cattails, ferns, dragonflies, lots of anoles and skinks, a jumping fish, birds of prey, and a moccasin (in the shallow water below the little nature trail bridge).  (ETA:  Donald reminded me that he spotted a large, bright green frog-- not far from the moccasin-- and that reminded me that we also saw a largish turtle out for a swim.  The turtle's already made an appearance over on our Flickr photostream, for all you turtle-lovers out there. ;o))

I was dumb and didn't think I needed to bring sunscreen, so I ended up with a slight sunburn on my forehead and cheeks.  Next time I'll bring the sunscreen.  (Donald was spared because he wore a hat.) 

We took photos, but I haven't felt like editing and uploading many of them, yet.  We'll see whether I ever do.  I don't think many of them turned out that great, and I've already posted photos of those places, after a previous visit, so...

We've been seeing lightning bugs here in the early evenings.  We've had the best luck seeing them before it gets too completely dark... or late.   There's something magical about fireflies-- watching those twinkling lights against the dark trees and seeing a small, brief spark drifting just ahead of you... Less magical is the annoying whine of a mosquito right next to your ear as you try to enjoy the moment.  ("Ring the dinner bell, gals!  Soup's on!")

...And some other stuff I can't really remember at the moment.  Oh, Easter, for one, I guess.  (We had an "immediate family" Easter at my parents' house.)  Also, we got some plastic card covers/protectors for some of our newer games.  (That's very interesting.  You'd never have forgiven me if I'd forgotten to mention that.)  Have we earned board game geek status, yet? ;o)

...And I guess we'll call this finished.  (You can only take so much excitement in one day.)