Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Delivery #1": Arrived!

We got the call earlier this evening that the baby finally ended up being delivered by C-section.  (Sounds like it was a long, hard day.  I hope everyone involved will get a good night's sleep tonight!)

It's a girl, and mother and baby are both well.  :o) 

(As far as other details go, I don't have a great memory for numbers... 8 pounds something, and I think either 20.? or 21.? inches... I do remember that Mom said she looks like she'll have very curly hair, like Kimberly did when she was little.)

Congratulations, Carrie and Victor!

The details:

. . .
Clarabel Arden 
born at 6:17 PM (Central Time)
on May 5th, 2011
. . .
weight: 8 pounds 10.2 ounces
length: 21.5 inches
. . .

(Objectively, I still think it's a little strange that when a baby is born, almost the first thing everyone wants to know/wants to tell is his or her weight and length.  I guess it's just because there's simply not much else to say-- quickly, easily, and non-sentimentally-- about a brand-new infant... Anyway, since it's probably been the custom since babies began, who am I to buck tradition? ;o))

Welcome to the world, Clarabel Arden!  :o)