Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Analytics Again

It's been a long, long, long time since my last Google Analytics post.  (The last one was toward the end of January 2010, to the best of Blogger's blog-search function's knowledge.) 

This may not interest anyone but me, but it's my blog, so...

As usual, I'm only looking at keyword searches (that led to this blog) in the months since my last Analytics post. 

At the top of the list, generating a whopping 29.43% of visits (from people who find me via a search engine), is "absolutly pure milk".  Ha!  As I've probably mentioned before, we have a couple of pressed glass tumblers that Donald brought from Sweden with that text raised upon them.  I wonder how many of the people searching for that phrase realized that "absolutly" is a misspelling...

"Crusti croc" (a brand of chips) comes in second place-- 4.13% of my blog traffic is coming here in search of information about snack food.  (Fascinating, isn't it?)  ...Oh, and I see that there are variations on this theme peppered throughout the list, so even more people are looking for information on Crusti Croc.

Rag quilting, vintage fashion, and black rat snake eggs continue to make up a large number of the search engine hits.  (If I add up all the various quilting-related hits, it would easily top "absolutly pure milk".)

Random Searches That Caught My Eye:

  • marabou chocolate / marabou amigo 
  • 80's cartoon moonbeamers / meet the moonbeamers fabric
  • more dead birds / dead birds 2012 / any more dead birds?
  • cockapekapoo
  • anole eggs / do lizards lay eggs
  • outdoor oddities / oddities of the ocean
  • ken doll
  • atm job killer
  • playskool wonderfalls
  • "become a social worker in 1 yr"
  • "new puppy smell" / new puppy smell description / puppy smell worms 
  • when does puppy smell end / why do puppies have a smell?
  • caterpillars that sting
  • chewy whoppers
  • arguments against penny tax in baldwin county al
  • dollar tree laser pointer
  • g your hair smells terrific / recipe for gee your hair smells terrific
  • green card interviews
  • how to pronounce chickasabogue
  • modesty personified
  • the loony left 60 minutes
  • "but why do we have to pay for the land? the land's free..."
  • "fav or fave"
  • "hop-and-go-fetch-its"
  • "killing weeds with electricity"
  • "odds and ends" it took laundary to cleanthe area
  • "opinions depress"
  • "turbo boil"
  • "unrelated string of words"
  • "why is st. john pronounced"  ("Why"? (g))
  • affordable ingredients in making a catsup using tomato
  • autumn oddities
  • buy gele hallon / gelehallon equivalence
  • can we make everybody happy? why
  • can you think of at least one example from a recent movie in which a linguistic code was used to convey information about a character? what was it?
  • do snakes have lips
  • dog shaped rag quilts
  • dying wasp+gif animated
  • endorsed by aliens as a safe place to survive the demise of civilization
  • explain "this that the other"
  • fabric for curtains in vampire diaries kitchen
  • got megapickles? t shirt
  • happy fourth thursday
  • how many children have choked on kinder surprise
  • how to say none of my business norwegian
  • insert wolf whistle here
  • itchy hands vibration mowing lawn
  • lashed terribly
  • let's find odds and ends
  • milk duds sverige
  • mrs howell eating beets video
  • muffin vintage
  • mutant mosquitos
  • once upon a wintertime
  • photos of christmas betls (Huh?)
  • pizzapolice blog spot
  • psychotic moments
  • radio ad young boozer
  • sam's club ultra sonic bark stopper
  • sniblet
  • swedish vacuum candy
  • the danger of shopping online
  • ugliest irish
  • urban yodeling
  • what singer looks and sounds a lot like rod stewart?
  • what was catsup in 1820
  • wild man of chickasabogue (Again. Still never heard of him...)
  • zenni opitcal felons
And that's all she wrote.  (As they say.)