Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ATM: The Job Killer

So that's why everyone's joking about ATMs today.

...Ok.  If it was a joke... Um, not amusing.  (Dear Sir:  Making jokes about the lack of jobs and the general craptastic-ness of the economy is probably not a good idea, at this point in time.)  If he was serious, what does he propose we do about the scourge of the job-thieving ATM?  Should we do away with everything that performs a service that once could only have been fulfilled by a person?  What's next?  Vending machines?  Automated car washes?  Oh, I bet those "self-checkout" things in grocery stores are high up on the list, too. 

Anyway, the ATM has been around for quite a while, so I would imagine that most ATM-related job casualties also came some time ago.  I certainly hope he's not suggesting that the Rise of the ATM has anything (meaningful) to do with the current abysmal employment stats.  (That would just be dumb.)