Friday, June 10, 2011

"Culturally Backward"?! Excuse Me?

From NewsBusters (with video):
"Chris Matthews determined that Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner could be in danger of being forced out of Congress by Blue Dog Dems who face uphill battles in red states because, as he put it, 'people in the rural areas of this country who are Christian conservative culturally - you can say backward if you want...don't like this kind of stuff.'

...Yeah, because it's so "backward" to believe that a married man should be faithful-- in thought and deed-- to his wife. (Weiner's outright lies-- before he decided he had no choice but to confess and apologize-- when he was "caught" were a classy, oh-so-admirable move, too, for those who would argue that his personal life shouldn't have any effect on his political life.)  But what can you expect from Chris Matthews?  Every time you turn around, he's saying something like this.

ETA:  Wow.  I haven't paid much attention to Weiner before the recent scandal, but apparently the guy is not only a liar and a cheater, but also an incredible jerk.  He's the kind of person you feel you could cheerfully strangle (especially after watching that collection of clips).  But, hey, other than that, he seems like a really nice guy.  No wonder so many women have found him so enthralling.  (Gag.)