Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rain Dance, Anyone?

With the recent deadly tornadoes... with flooding elsewhere... with all the other major weather-related woes people somewhere are always facing, I probably shouldn't complain, but I just can't help it:  It is so hot and dry here.  And I am so tired of "so hot and dry". 

I really, really hope this isn't what the whole, long summer has in store for us.  I mean, yes, I know that where I live, it's always going to be hot in the summertime.  But I don't recall it usually being this hot this early in the summer-- and as for the drought, it's now officially rated "extreme", so that at least is not just a trick of my selective memory.  After the wonderfully cool weather we enjoyed just a month or two ago, this feels like a slap in the face. 

Or in other words, (in my whiniest voice, with a stomp of the foot for good measure) I'm not ready for summer yet!

Confession:  Every year, during the hottest months, I have at least a few days of wishing we'd settled in Sweden instead of the Steambath State (which some say is Florida, but is also a fitting description of Alabama).  Of course, in exchange for long, hot, humid summers-- with the occasional hurricane-- we'd have to endure long, dark, cold winters and so much snow you get sick of it... Stupid weather. No matter where you live, it finds a way to annoy you.  ;o)

...I just wrote a whole blog post about nothing but the weather.  Clearly, I don't care if I lose my last few readers...