Monday, August 15, 2011

Changing Seasons? One Can Only Hope...

It seems like everywhere I look, lately, there's someone writing about how it's starting to feel like the very earliest beginning of autumn.  Usually, this opinion is presented with a twinge of sadness and a wish to hold on to summer a little bit longer. 

Obviously, those people do not live around here.  Sure, we're enjoying some temporary relief from the humidity and very highest temperatures, but it's only at my most unrealistically wishful that I can think autumn will be here soon.  "Soon" is relative, of course; if you think a month and a half are soon, then yes, we may get a taste of autumn "soon".  The way time goes whooshing by, yes, I guess it's fairly "soon"-- we're closer to summer's end than summer's beginning, thank goodness-- but it can't get here soon enough for me. 

Dry air.  Cool nights.  Open windows and fresh air streaming through the house.  Falling asleep to the sound of a nighttime breeze-- sleeping well in the natural coolness-- and waking to find the morning air beyond the cozy bed bracingly chilled.  Slanting, golden sunlight in the afternoon.  Feeling like going on daily walks again.  Snakes and insects slowly retreating from the world for a time.  Leaves crunching underfoot.  Plenty of things to photograph-- all changing from day to day.  Beautifully just-spooky-enough-to-be-fun late-October magic in the air.  A bonfire crackling and gleaming through the fading twilight.  Long-pants weather.  Maybe even (dare I say it?) long sleeves weather.  An excuse to finally dig out and wear scarves and hats.

...Basically it's just a whole bunch of the things that make life sweet-- and it means an end to the months of feeling like nature hates me.  Being outdoors can finally stop feeling like a punishment, for a few weeks at least. ;o)  Yes, I'm ready for that.