Wednesday, September 7, 2011

After the Storm

This weather report brought to you by my genuine interest in such things, despite the generally held views of the subject. ;o)

Tropical Storm Lee came through late last week / early this week and brought with it lots and lots of rain.  Top-secret confession:  I didn't really mind.  Well, I was sorry for the animals and people who had to be out in it or who suffered from flooding, fallen trees, etc., but it didn't bother me, personally.  Especially considering what a very dry spring and summer we've had, a few gloomy days were no trouble at all.  I even like them, sometimes.  More so when we don't lose power.  We did this time, but not for too long, at least.  And if the rain knocks a few degrees off the temperature, so much the better.  All told, we got just over 13 inches of rain from Lee (if our rain gauge is to be believed).

Monday afternoon, we noticed the wind shift directions.  Instead of clouds scudding by from the south, they were scudding by from the north, then dissipating altogether.  What a blissful change!  The steamy air replaced with dry (or at least drier)-- the trees across the way crisp, sharp, precise.  (Over the summer, I almost forget how clear the air can be.  You get used to a slight haze across any distance.) 

We've slept with the windows open, the past couple of nights, and woken to temperatures in the 50s.  Our windows were open all day yesterday.  True, it was almost too warm in the middle of the afternoon, but all through the morning, it was practically perfect.  Though the heat and humidity will be creeping back in by the end of the week (summer's not completely vanquished, yet), this brief interlude of autumn has been delightful.  Ahhhh, feel that cool air!  Summer's beginning to come to an end, finally.  (Or will be SOON.)  I know many people across the northern hemisphere are desperately hanging on to these last warm(ish) days, and I sympathize... but for my own sake, I'm glad the seasons are on the verge of changing.  Thank goodness, this summer does have an end, after all, and won't just keep on going forever.