Monday, October 10, 2011

From Out the Silence ;o)

I don't blog here anymore, it seems. 

The weather lately:  
Windows open all the time. 
(Relative) coolness. 
Please don't ever change; I love you just the way you are. 

Our doings: 
The usual.
Transfering content from old website to new one (slowly, surely).
Yard work (weeding, trimming back trees, building another burn pile).
Teaching myself to knit. (M.)
Working on a new DNN (DotNetNuke) project. (D.)

Molly's doings:
Staring doggedly (ha ha) at counter-top (and a plate of leftover sausage).
Watching from the (open) laundry room window as Donald takes his evening run.

Trixie's doings:
Finding dead rat in yard (ew, where'd it come from??).
Carrying dead rat in mouth.
Undergoing de-rat-germ-ifying. 

Good times. ;o)