Sunday, October 30, 2011

Truly Random Thoughts

•  We got down to freezing (32°F) this morning.  I think that's our first freezing temperature of the season.  (According to our digital thermometer, at least) it is consistently colder (and hotter-- let's just say "more extreme") here than whatever is forecast for our zip code.  

• We had an evening fire a week or so ago.  I can't even remember the last time we had an evening bonfire.  This one reminded me how much more magical a fire seems at night, with the golden sparks flying against a darkened sky.  We should do that more often.

  Crocheting with strips of t-shirts is kind of tiring to your arms when you've been used to crocheting with nothing thicker than worsted weight yarn.  I'm finding new muscles-- and then wearing them out.  I would suggest crocheting rag rugs as a upper-body-building exercise, but unless you can crochet with both hands, you might end up a little unbalanced... 

•  Going back to crocheting with regular, worsted weight yarn when you've been wrestling with thick strips of fabric and a fat hook is an odd sensation.  The yarn is so thin!  It's so slack and unresisting!  Next time, if I remember, I'll go straight from crocheting fabric strips to crocheting thread, just for the "Alice in Wonderland" feeling of having suddenly grown into a giant.  ;o)

•  We fixed up the dog pen yesterday afternoon.  (One of the posts had rotted and had to be replaced, and the pen needed a good weeding in spots.)  Now it should be all fixed up for times when they can't be inside or have the run of the whole yard.