Friday, January 6, 2012

Music Via TV Programs

All my favorite (new-to-me) music, lately, comes from TV shows...  It's probably because that's the only place I encounter new music, since when I listen to the radio it's talk radio, 99.9% of the time.

...Though that anti-smoking jingle they've been playing for the past few months is pretty catchy, even if I don't usually like words like "cancer" and "toxins" popping up in my music...

"Take smoke; put it out!" ;o)

Anyway, anti-smoking jingles aside, apparently I enjoy "dream-pop" and bands influenced by "shoegazing". (Where do they come up with the names for all these musical sub-genres?  Not that I'm complaining.  They seem appropriate, somehow... just a little funny-sounding.) 

Thanks to Revenge, "Anyone's Ghost" is on repeat...  (I prefer the Silver Swans version, though the original by The National isn't bad, either.)

More via Revenge...
First, we have "Riverside" by Agnes Obel:

For a beachy 60's throwback, may I suggest "Catamaran", by the Allah-Las?

Then there's "Wait", by M83, found through "The Secret Circle":

To end with something a little more up-beat, it's back to Revenge with "Home" by OK Sweetheart:

Has Target used that song for a commercial? If not, I'm surprised, because it just screams "Target commercial". That's not an insult; I tend to like Target commercial music, though it's best in small doses. Perfect for bouncing around the house to. ;o)