Monday, March 12, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog...

Lately, I've pondered whether I should just close down this blog altogether.  I've simply had no interest in posting anything here-- or when I do, it's fleeting, and it seems like too much effort to be worth it.  I'd rather crochet or read for fifteen minutes than blog.

I guess I'll leave the blog up for the time being.  It's (probably) not doing any serious harm, just sitting here like this...

 - - - - - - -

In the meantime, Romney was in Mobile this morning, and apparently (according to Twitter, because I was out poisoning ant beds ahead of the rain... and wouldn't have thought to turn on the TV for it even if I hadn't been) it was pouring rain when he spoke.  Excellent timing, guys.  "Come to Mobile-- part of 'The South', where people say 'y'all' a lot, everyone eats grits three times a day, and there's a permanent torrential downpour.  Yay, Alabama!"

But hey, if MSNBC is anything to go by (which I fervently hope it is not, for many, many reasons), there may not be many people who can even find Alabama on a map, so why worry?

- - - - - - -

I finally blog again, and this is what it's about... I'm truly in top form.  No wonder I've stopped blogging. (g)