Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dear Milk Ad...

Dear Milk Ad on the Side of My Cereal Box,

I don't understand why you're there, extolling the healthy benefits of having milk with cereal.   I've already bought the cereal (or if I'm seeing the ad at all, I'm obviously at least in the market for cereal of some kind).  That means it's pretty much a done deal that I'm going to buy milk, too.  How many people eat a whole box of cereal dry, I ask you?  And what else might I pour over my cereal?  Ok, I guess that these days they have all sorts of fancy non-cow's-milk milks to choose from, but most of us are loyal to Real Milk.

I'm just sort of baffled by your existence... Actually, come to think of it, why are there advertisements for milk at all?  It's weird.  Milk's one of those things you either drink or you don't.  If you drink it, you'll almost always have it automatically on your shopping list (or you won't need to bother writing it down, since you have a special ability to remember exactly how much milk is in the fridge).  If you don't drink it, there's probably a definite reason why you don't (health issue, don't like the taste), and you are unlikely to be swayed by an advertisement.  And it's not like milk's a new product that everyone needs to be made aware of... ("New in stores, it's MILK!" or "Look for our newest flavors-- "Chocolate" and "Plain Moo-Juice"-- in your local grocery store today!!")

...Just a few things you might want to consider.


P.S. ...You're not wasting tax-payer funded subsidy money on this sort of thing, are you?