Monday, October 22, 2012

Keeping It All in Perspective

Joe Klein (of Time, according to the article) has stated that the Benghazi attack (and, one presumes, the resultant deaths of four Americans, including an ambassador) "has been like the October mirage-- it really isn't an issue". 

No, but he's right.  The attack and the coordinated attempt to pin it on some inane video-- them's small potatoes compared to the BIG BIRD CONTROVERSY and that shocking-- and quite frankly, stomach-turning-- incident in which Mitt Romney spoke of having (~whisper~) "binders full of women"*. 

Let's keep the focus on the real burning issues of our times!

* Are there really women out there who are truly-- somehow, inconceivably, illogically-- offended by that phrase, taken in context (or, really, out of context)?  I mean seriously, honestly offended, not just making a show of it because it's the best they could come up with on short notice.  Because I'd like to stare at them with a look of mingled disgust and disbelief.  Then point and laugh.  And then walk away with a shrug.  Girl power!  ;o)